The $300 Makeover: Save The Money.

nytimes brooklyn photo

Michael Falco for The New York Times

Times are tough all over, and even the normally over-the-top New York Times homes section is getting the message. The theme today is the Three Hundred Dollar Makeover, full of tips that one might find in Craft or Make but the Times? It is hit or miss- making a "rug" on the floor with duct tape? And really, nobody has painted stripes on the walls since the seventies.

brooklyn-before photo

They cheat a bit on the photography too, professionally lighting the "after" picture and photographing the "before" without light and with the place in a bit of a mess.

I think they might have been better off just buying some nice posters for the walls. More on Benjamin Segal's apartment

The other three makeovers are less extreme, and frankly, seem to be more about decluttering than decorating, proving once again that the best things in life are free, not three hundred bucks. See them all at the New York Times

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