That Other Sustainable Number-Cruncher: The Solar Calculator

Our hearts are set alight by new, unbelievable products that help us do something in a more sustainable way. Like the stapless stapler. But we also admire the tried-and-true eco-solutions, like the stapless stapler’s more modest cousin, the paperclip. So since we were recently wowed by a water-powered calculator, we thought it only fair to sing the praises of the ol’ solar calculator. First hitting the market in 1976, calculators with tiny solar cells have been saving us batteries ever since. In many homes, it’s the only solar power in use. They’re cheap, effective (except when calculating by moonlight, or in dark caves, or under the covers...), and don’t suffer from the same obsolescence dilemma that your PC faces. Who can be bothered dinking around with little watch batteries, anyway? ::History of Electronics [by KK] Ed note: Got one word for you Kevin...55378008!