Tetris-Like Gardens Green Concrete Backyards in Buenos Aires

Even though most ground level apartments have decent backyards in the capital of Argentina, the placement of parking lots in the underground level prevents the flats from having actual land and gardens.

Pop Arq studio, the talented firm behind that awesome sliding library renovation we reviewed a few weeks ago, came out with a solution for this: Cement gardens.

They designed four strategies: vertical gardens in which a metallic structure with steps of different heights accommodates plants, elevated gardens in which a wooden deck hides the containers creating an illusion of actual land, aerial gardens with metallic pergolas carrying climbing plants, piled up gardens with cacti trays, and mobile 'woods' with large plants in containers over moving platforms.

While I haven't seen the moving woods, the project that charmed me was the Tetris gardens, mainly because it's such a simple idea: the kind that sparks the "Why didn't I think of that?" phrase when you see it.

Square concrete containers of different sizes are placed in a structure with metallic steps of variated height, forming a green wall to the eye, but also a walk in space to interact with the plants around.

I'm sure the firm is not the first to place plants in a set of stairs, but the Tetris play with the blocks adds to the whole arrangement. What's also interesting is that the structure can be adapted to any space, playing with the shapes.

Finally, if you don't have a green thumb this can be arranged with plants that take little to no care, just to transform a sad backyard into a concrete jungle.

Tetris-Like Gardens Green Concrete Backyards in Buenos Aires
Concrete containers are placed in a metallic structure, forming a green wall to the eye and a walk in space to interact with the plants.

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