Modular Furniture Made from Recycled Materials Becomes Just about Anything

We're big fans of transformer furniture on TreeHugger, and this design from newcomer TETRAN is particularly impressive for two reasons. The first is its remarkable flexibility, made clear by these photos: the blocks and cushions can become just about anything you can think of. The second is the fact that those basics are made from 100% recycled, and recyclable materials.

According to its Web site, TETRAN is committed to waste reduction- modular, transformer furniture lets owners change things when they get bored, without buying all new stuff. TETRAN also says that its product is strong and durable. The blocks and cushions come in various sizes and colors, inspired by the LEGO and Transformer toys CEO and founder Ruke Keragala played with as a child.

The video below looks like it was made by Michael Bay: Beds become desks become shelves become a giant set that incorporates everything. TETRAN furniture isn't on the market just yet; the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds on June 1.

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