Terracotta Wine Cooler - A Tool For Combating The Psychological Toll Of Climate Change

This would be a good time for commiserating with friends over lunch with a glass of wine. How to keep the Chardonnay cool while waiting for them to arrive? A terracotta wine cooler works nicely. As you might guess from the picture, this is ancient technology. Drench the un-glazed clay vessel in water, insert the wine bottle, and place the set-up cooler in a shady place for a bit. If you want to prevent the white wine from getting nasty-hot, just the evaporative cooling does the job nicely. Tips: - Use a wine bottle that was pre-chilled in the frig and the cooler sustains the chill. Styles vary immensely, but the function is identical as long as most of the surface is unpainted and unglazed. Ten bucks seems to be a minimum price. Pictured is a "Traditional Hexagonal-shaped Terracotta Wine Cooler with Saucer" from UK based Weston Mill Pottery We notice that most of the retail outlets offering the terracotta coolers are out of Europe; and, the US listed products are often "Made In China". You might ask an art student to make one for you; or, check out the garden store for some cylindrical clay pots that would fit a 2-liter wine bottle. Image credit: Weston Mill

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