Terra Board - Kids Play Comes to the Office

Architect Eric Rosen and Furniture Maker Joel Stearns collaborated on the creation of Terra Board. Their blend of recycled paper, adhesives and hardeners (apparently no harmful chemicals are used) can be formed into tiles and panels, but can also do service as a wall surface. Offered in three products: Liquid, Puree and Blend, each of which can be had in 3 types: smooth, natural and textured. And in keeping with that run of threes, you can have either matte, semi gloss or gloss in the water-based protective finish. However just to upset the apple-cart, the tiles are available in but two sizes: 12 and 24 inch. That’s about the extent of our knowledge, so contact the guys directly for more detail on their modern papier mache (or get the kids to make up some samples on the kitchen table next weekend.) ::Terra Board