Temporary Office Interior Built from Shipping Pallets

brandbase pallet architecture amsterdam photo desks

photos by rogier jaarsma courtesy most architecture via Designboom

Wood pallets are more ubiquitous than even shipping containers, with two billion of them floating around the globe. In Amsterdam, Most Architecture has built a temporary office interior for Brandbase, an advertising agency, entirely out of pallets.

brandbase pallet architecture amsterdam photo stairs

Even the stair to the management level is made of pallets, although I don't know how they got this past the building inspectors, it looks like a deathtrap.

brandbase pallet architecture amsterdam photo office

The architects write in Designboom:

The design concept consists of 3 layers. The first layer, the existing space was used as
a starting position and painted completely white, to provide a homogeneous base for
the pallet structure. the pallets itself create a structure that slowly changes its character
accommodating all parts of the office. Finally, the third layer in the design contains
additions to the pallet structure like light fixtures, staircase banisters and the furniture;
which are all done in black.

Coming in, the pallet structure welcomes its visitors, created by two rows of desks,
providing a total of eight working units on two different levels.

brandbase pallet architecture amsterdam photo boardroom

More images in Designboom

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