Tasty Lamps That You Can Compost


Compost-able lampshades are not groundbreaking and new. Some sort of hollowed out and dried gourd implanted with a light bulb led our way down the pathways to a number of pubs in Costa Rica. Israelis are a practical lot, but still haven't exactly caught on to the business potential of environmentalism in culture and design. But based on Shuli Levin's lampshades and his outlook on design, you might be hearing more about Israeli designers in the near future. According to this story in ISRAEL21c, Levin has designed "eye-candy" lamps that adhere adhering to the principles of sustainable design: recycling, reuse of materials and reducing the amount of virgin material needed for the production of his lights and furniture, he said. "There is such a thing as positive consumption," Levin told ISRAEL21c. "I want to return a sense of environmental awareness to Israel."Levin imported gourd fibers from the Far East via Hebron and then dyed and sculpted them into boulder-shaped floor lamps. Earlier lines "Metamorphosa" include the transformation of cake tins, vacuum bags and water pitchers into one-of-a-kind lamps. Other materials Levin works with includes industrial felt, natural fibers, bamboo and recycled paper. ::ISRAEL21c

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