Sweet! Sugar Cane Waste and Recycled Cardboard Become Flatpack Freefold Furniture

Freefold Furniture is, as the above video indicates, a versatile shelving system. But the system can also serves as partition, screen, plinth or bench. Made of Xanita X-board (more below), which is 97% post consumer waste paper, the Freefold system can, at the end of its useful life be recycled alongside normal paper recycling.

Yet until that day, the robust design by Melbourne (Australia) architect, Toby Horrocks, should give long service, even being sturdy enough to support television sets. And should you move house your Freefold Furniture simply packs flat to come with you. Unfortunately Freefold's website does not yet indicate price or availability.

Xanita came out of South Africa in 2007. It is a family of products based around a honeycomb construction that employs various blends of recycled paper and cardboard waste as well as bagasse (sugar cane waste), without need of nasty binders like formadehyde. In the thicker versions Xanita X-Board is said to displace up to 75% less virgin wood fibre, when compared to solid MDF sheet. See more of the enviromental specs on Ecospecifier.

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