Sway Stool, Plank Chair, and Clip Chair, by Thélermont Hupton

Designer Thélermont Hupton's Web site boasts, "It's not rocket science." We say, it may as well be, considering how crafty and innovative and cutting-edge his concepts are. Then again, they're not all that complicated. But that's the beauty of it all. The Sway stool (we first saw it in I.D.), seen here, is a perfect perch made of polyethylene. So, assuming there are no glues, sticks, or stones in there, it could be easily recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Plank, a chair that hides folding leafs under its seat...(they're wood, so yes, it probably can be used as a flotation device) can be easily reconfigured to make a bench for impromptu guests. (It reminds us very much of a folding stool-table of the same name by Heatherwick.) And you know how we adore things that do double duty. Which is why we also appreciate Clip, a geometric chair that goes three ways. To buy, e-mail david@thélermonthupton.com or yve@thélermonthupton.com. ::Thélermont Hupton [by MO]

plank chair.jpg

green chair clip.jpg

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