Sustainable Living At Green Sage

We visited Green Sage’s website and ended up staying there for awhile. The company has been online for four years and you can find hundreds of sustainable items for your home from beautiful recycled glass to organic bedding to furniture (shown left is a lead-free pewter hook). And check this feature - you can register online for your wedding. But one thing that we really liked about it is that it’s divided into two parts – one for consumers and one for the trade community. Both sections have similar topics, but are targeted towards your interests. Are you looking for expert green advice or would you like to list your green services? Do you want to purchase a few books to help you out in designing your eco-friendly home or do you want to continue your green design education with the Sage Learning Center? Another very cool feature is the online classifieds section to resell and recycle used items for your home or for deconstruction and salvage if you’re a builder or designer. Products can either be ordered online or you can contact them directly. ::Green Sage [by KD]Posted below, sustainability for your office: reclaimed and recycled pine desk set with coordinating trash cans.