Sussed Design & Digital Eskimo - Green Graphics

Although a world apart (geographically) these two businesses have amazingly similar missions. From the UK: "Sussed Design was formed in order to raise the profile of sustainable businesses and organisations. We do this by providing ethical clients with a creative, professional and, above all, approachable graphic design service." And this from Australia: "The Digital Eskimo mission is to work with progressive organisations - developing innovative approaches and beautiful designs for projects that drive positive social/environmental outcomes." Sussed Design reuse and recycle printing paper, while seeking out environmentally sound printers. Digital Eskimo are equally committed - a representative was recently observed at this writer's workplace, looking for old doors to be reused as desk tops in their new office. Maybe the two businesses should join forces and take on a global greening of the graphic communications industry. ::Sussed Design and ::Digital Eskimo