Survey Shows 73% of Lighting and Building Pros Using LEDs


After posting LED Lighting Has Become Almost Boring, and That's A Good Thing, commenters noted that they were still way to expensive to be used widely. This may be so at the retail level, but a recent study by Osram-Sylvania shows that at the commercial and among lighting engineers and designers, they are taking over rapidly, as they look at their energy bills and the life cycle costs.


Energy consumption is way more of an issue than the initial cost of the system

Two really surprising numbers come from this survey of "over 350 facilities decision-makers and lighting designers across the education, healthcare, hospitality, office and retail sectors."

  • 73% of building and lighting professionals are currently using LEDs or planning to use LED lighting in their commercial spaces.
  • 76% of lighting professionals surveyed believe it is more important to have lighting that saves money over its lifetime, even if it costs more to purchase and install.

In a press release, the President of Osram Sylvania, Rick Leaman, was quoted:

Businesses clearly recognize the energy and performance benefits of LED and solid state lighting. They are becoming early adopters of this technology to improve their commercial spaces and reap the financial benefits of energy efficiency.

The study found that 81% of industry professionals are looking to energy-efficient lighting solutions. 84% of building and lighting professionals cite energy consumption at an important factor when making lighting decisions.

And in Washington? We get Joe Barton proposing the Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act, defending the right to burn energy hogging cheap bulbs with short lifespans. Only in America.

Download the whole survey here.

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