Suruga Bamboo Basketware

Somehow ‘basketweaving’ became a term of derision for someone apparently lacking in testoterone. Which is, of course, highly unjustified. For during the Japanese Edo period of 1600 to 1868 it would seem that warriors were, in times of peace, the key basketweavers. It still takes great skill to craft baskets, such as these, known as Suruga, from the Shizuoka Bamboo Ware Cooperative Association. The Japanese government thinks the guys who can do pull it off are such accomplished artisans they’ve officially recognised them as ‘Master Craftsmen’. 50 people take their lead, to fashion these exquisite looking vessels from thin rounded bamboo canes. Up to 1,000 such splints (sensuji) can fill a space of 90 cm (~1yard). Have a peek at how they do it in the show-and-tell on the site. ::Suruga Bamboo Ware