Superefficient Topolino Wood Stove

If you marveled at the Raiswittus stoves we showcased earlier in the year, then we've got something else to tempt your chilly toes. The Topolino stove is another great modern heating machine with an efficiency of up to 80% (5-10% more than the Rais ones, and 70% more than a conventional fireplace). And of course, it's clean modern look would be welcome in any stylish home. Like the Rais models, it uses a system of internal baffles to make the hot exhaust gases from the fire wander around its ceramic body until all their heat has been absorbed. Once the heat is stored in the stove's thermal mass, it will keep warming the room for hours after the fire has died, so there's no need to go through gobs and gobs of wood. Not only does the high efficiency help keep your fuel use, and CO2 emissions low, but you get nearly complete combustion, which means no smoke, no problems with chimney fires, and almost no ashes to clean up. We're almost sad that winter's coming to an end... almost.
:: Topolino Woodburning Stove [by DM]