Sunlight Table by Random International

For any of you out there who would rather frolic in the summer sunshine instead of sitting behind your desk all day long: we have got something for you. Designed to help restore a work/life balance for people who work at desks all day, the Sunlight Table by Random International will add a little sunshine to your day at work. In an attempt to discover how sustainable work environments are created, they conducted some research in call centers, chosen for their relative sterility and high stress levels. The designers thus gained insight into the wider context of stressful and sedentary office-based work; the table that resulted brings a little of the outside world to the desk and the user. The table itself is populated by fiberoptic wires, connecting the surface of the table to a second grid placed on a nearby window. Light and shade are transmitted from the grid at the window to the table, creating what they call a "sunlight display grid" on the table's surface. Movement outside the window, like rustling leaves or a passing bird, reflects in the table's surface, bringing just a little more sunshine and "ambient unspoken moments of delight" to the user. The table was the winner of the "Helen Hamlyn Research Center for Inclusive Design: Design for our Future Selves" award in the Design for a Better Working Environment category. ::rAndom International via ::Core77