Study Shows Incandescent Bulbs Are Warm and Toasty


Gluh Lampe brick heater

The normally sensible Tyler Hamilton reports on a study which suggests that in cold places like Canada, an incandescent bulb can keep you warm and toasty in winter, and may be more environmentally benign than a compact fluorescent. In places like Quebec that get their electricity from hydropower, switching to CFLs would actually increase emissions by the equivalent of 40,000 cars as people use more natural gas to heat their homes.

And who wrote this study? A senior scientist at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, Michael Ivanco, who might have a small vested interest in promoting such an idea. Furthermore if the study just looks at just the calories of heat rather than the location, it is not considering whether it is useful or wasted heat. I think one might find that a layer of heat from bulbs up near the ceiling does not do much good down at the floor, where the registers or radiators are. I doubt that in reality the heat from incandescent bulbs does much good at all. Stick to your nukes, Mike. ::The Star

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