Strip Shelf by Popular Architecture


The first time we saw Casey Mack's Strip Shelving, we liked it a lot. Then we learned the design had a TreeHugger angle, made with 75% sawdust, which made us like it even more. Then we read this quote by Metropolis: "The design world often seems split between two camps: the plastics-obsessed futurists and the earnest greens. Casey Mack bridges the wood-plastic gap." So it seems that Mack, proprietor of Popular Architecture, devoted to evolving urban building with a new focus on maximizing overlaps between pop culture, open systems, and sustainability, combines the best of many worlds: smart design, green materials and functional shelving. Strip, whose patent pending design is in advanced development, is currently being discussed with sales and marketing companies to get the shelves on the shelf. Free prototype samples (prototype pictured above) and more information are available for interested retailers and end users through info(at)populararchitecture(dot)com. ::Strip Shelving and ::Popular Architecture