Straight from the Future: 3.5 Watts Prototype OLED Desk Lamp from Project TOPLESS

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Okay, first of all, Project TOPLESS isn't what you think. TOPLESS stands for "Thin Organic Polymeric Light Emitting Semi-conductor Surfaces" (not your first guess, eh?), and it is a three year, £3.3M project financed 50% by the UK government and 50% by a consortium of Thorn Lighting (UK largest lighting company), Sumation UK and the University of Durham (Department of Physics and Chemistry). The goal is to create "high quality white light generating single polymer, and efficient large area single pixel device architectures." In the video below, you can see one of their very cool prototypes in action.At 3.5 watts, it uses about 14x less energy than an halogen desk lamp like this one (50W):

The technical goals of Project TOPLESS are:

  • An efficacy of 20Lm per watt
  • Colour temperature suitable for general white light applications (this varies according to customer requirements) between 2,700K to 17,000K.
  • Large single pixel devices (no buzz bars)
  • Minimal number of organic layers

You can read an interview with Dr. Goeff Williams, the manage of Project TOPLESS, at OLED-Info.

Via OLED-Info
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