Stockholm Strives To Be LED Capital

Stockholm Central Station With LEDs photo

Stockholm's Central Station Is Lit On Holidays With LEDs.

Stockholm's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Miljöforvaltningen) said it will light all its new municipal office spaces with only 100% LED lighting in future, eschewing both incandescent lights and the compact fluorescents that are here called low-energy lights. Tiny Torraca in Italy and Ann Arbor, Michigan are two smaller cities that are similarly enamored of LEDs.

First with LED traffic lights
Stockholm was an early adopter of LEDs for traffic and crosswalk lights - which have now become widespread in lots of cities. Now the Stockholm State House, the Medieval Museum and the State Museum in the city are all in the process of switching out their regular bulbs to LEDs to save money and energy. Swedish Optoga has developed less-stark LEDs that IKEA is using for its LED collection. The city reckons it will save five million crowns per year with its ongoing switch to LEDs. Via ::NyTeknik
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On The Streets
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