Steam Punk Chandelier From Old Bikes? Yes, Please

chandelier of bikes photo

Photos via Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Artists Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has a way with bike chains. She transforms old bike parts into some seriously cool one-of-a-kind chandeliers. They have a certain steam punk style that we love, while also upcycling up what might otherwise go to the landfill.

chandelier of bikes photo

Carolina states, "This body of work draws inspiration from Victorian chandeliers, DIY and bike culture, and the use of unartistic materials."

chandelier of bikes photo

At least, they might start out "unartistic" -- they certainly turn into something darkly beautiful after she's done with them. And she addresses several social issues within a seemingly straight-forward product:

"This work addresses class codes, power dynamics, reclaimed agency, and ecological responsibility. The bicycle chandelier is the conceptual point of departure for this ouvre. In this series the traditional chandelier is seen as a bourgeois commodity and the bicycle parts as a symbol for self-propelled movement. These subversive objects challenge the aesthetics of wealth by visually contrasting the classic elegance of the candelabrum with the newfound elegance of discarded, mechanical bicycle parts."

Her beautiful pieces can be viewed on her website. We are big fans of bike art around here, whether it's performance art, paintings or things made from bikes themselves. Bike culture is artsy.

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