Stéphane Maupin's St. Clair Lamp Charges By Day, Lights By Night


Years ago we showed Tobias Wong's sun jar, which gathered sunlight all day and released it at night. Now French architect and designer Stéphane Maupin has produced a more elegant, usable version with his St. Clair lamp. It sticks to the window with suction cups.


The base is covered in photocells that gather energy all day;


When fully charged, it can be pulled off the window and set on a desktop. Designboom writes that it was a winning entry in a competition for a Via Project Assistance Grant, a French program that "seeks to discover young talent with the most relevant design, techniques and aesthetics. it promises to promote and connect these up and coming designers with manufacturers and producers."

Would that we had programs like that on this side of the Atlantic.

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