Stair of the week tells you how many calories you are burning while climbing

stairs with calories

We do go on about the importance of taking the stairs; it keeps you fit and burns calories. Now Portuguese architecture firm A2Office makes it all visible by adding graphics that show how many calories you burn with each step. Alas, it's not very much; they say .11 calories, while most American sites say .17 calories are burned per stair. Perhaps Portuguese stair climbers are smaller and fitter, burning less on average per step.

In any case, climbing this 15 riser stair would burn only 1.65 Portuguese calories, 2.55 for an American. So it would take 151 flights of stairs to work off one pastel de nata (Portuguese egg tart).

stair complete© AL.MA FOTOGRAFIA

Framed that way, it makes the stair climbing feel a bit less virtuous. But there are other benefits; it saves energy, it is still exercise that keeps your blood flowing and your heart beating a little faster.

Found on Contemporist.

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