Stair of the Week: Loft Apartment by adn Architectures

loft stairs
© adn Architectures via Dezeen

The great thing about conversions of industrial space is that you often have dramatic heights to work with. The not so great thing is the trouble of connecting everything together. Dezeen shows a loft conversion by adn Architectures there the architects stick two separate structures in the space, each with their own lovely folded plate stair. Unlike so many of these we have shown, there are even handrails! Two minimal, simple boxes define the space, with bedroom and study above, bathroom, storage and utilities below.

The designers write as minimally as they design:

A program: Designed it for a couple who want a loft conversion type of interior design with efficient use of space.

An answer: Seek purity of form and functional simplicity.

Means: Creation of a minimum of two new volumes and use of a very limited set of materials.

Organisation: Two volumes are built and three pieces of furniture are installed to structure the volume.

Inside the bedroom, surrounded by perforated mesh that lets in light and air, but still defines the space and provides a bit of visual separation. Lots more images at Dezeen.

Stair of the Week: Loft Apartment by adn Architectures
Not one, but two stairs are used to treat each intervention as an independent element.

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