"Staircase of Encounters" is designed to encourage employee interaction

stairs for bloomberg photo
© Neri&Hu via Designboom

You've heard of elevator pitches? Watch out, the next big thing in business will be the staircase pitch. But you had better be in shape, because the boss is going to be trying to move really fast to get away from you.

In most buildings today, stairs are little more than a way to get out of a building in an emergency. But they can be so much more; they can keep people fit, they can act as a platform for activities, and they can promote interaction. In the Hong Kong offices of Bloomberg, Neri&Hu have designed an internal office stair that is designed to be much more than just a way of getting between floors. They even give it a name: The Staircase of Encounters
According to Designboom:

Rising at three levels, the new staircase integrates elements of platforms, landings, built-in seating and strategic window framing. with each of the three levels created with different functions to accommodate a diverse set of vertical programs.

Conventionally in Hong Kong, views of Victoria Harbour are prized. But here the architects turn the view inward until you reach the top and get the wow finish. Lots more images in Designboom.

And if you forget how important stairs can be, watch this:

"Staircase of Encounters" is designed to encourage employee interaction
Neri&Hu turn climbing the stairs into an experience for Bloomberg in Hong Kong.

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