Stair of the week creates a Jenga-like office

full stair
© Koen Van Damme

As TreeHuggers we used to say OMG, all those trees cut down! Now we say Wow, look at all that carbon that’s being sequestered in this pile of timber! It’s an office designed by Studio Farris in West Flanders, Belgium. Instead of putting in an upper floor for more space, “an autonomous furniture object was placed into the space, referring to the original farm and rural area.” It does not touch the walls but floats inside.

desk studio farris© Koen Van Damme

Architonic has a description:

This extra object made out of stacked up wooden beams transforms the space into a very functional office. The wooden beams are piled up in such a way that different spaces arise. On the top several workspaces were created, accommodating two desks.

under the stair© Koen Van Damme

Underneath the workspace-platform a meeting area is created, with a view onto the landscape. The stacked beams become the library, bookshelves, storage room and resting and reading area.

vertical photo of stair©

That’s is a serious pile of wood and it looks too big to be second growth plantation stuff, But on the other had it is doing many things, creating space, acting as furniture, and looking like a very nice place to work. And that wood can always be repurposed. I am conflicted, what do think? Hit or miss?

Stair of the week creates a Jenga-like office
Belgian architects build a tower in a barn. But my, it uses a lot of lumber.

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