Stair of the Week cantilevers from custom bookcase

London architect Tamir Addadi was "asked to convert the loft of a private house into a bedroom with a study, which was to include a large bookcase, whilst still keeping to a very tight budget."

underside of stair© Tamir Addadi Architecture

But he didn't have a lot of room, so he turned the bookcase into a structural element that incorporated the stairs..

stair structure© Tamir Addadi Architecture

The bookcase vertical elements are notched for their full depth and the stair tread is slotted in and cantilevered out; there is no stringer on the opposite side.

cantilever ends© Tamir Addadi Architecture

I wonder if there is a bit of a bouncy diving board effect at the far end of the cantilever. But it is light, open, simple and effective. More pix at Mocoloco.

addadi stair full© Tamir Addadi Architecture

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