Stair of the week is bold and bamboo

view of stair from bottom
© Cun Design

Because if you make it beautiful and open, people will use it.

We have written many times: "Making good stairs is an important part of green design; you want people to use them instead of elevators in bigger buildings, and you want to get tighter, more efficient plans in smaller ones." This stair, designed by Cui Shu of Cun Design, isn't very efficient but it certainly is dramatic and may even be greener; it's made entirely out of bamboo.

The architects write:

Bamboo as a building material represents the connotation of the ancient Asian architectural system, while China's production is sufficient to support the consumption of decorative materials, and has a high toughness, plasticity characteristics. At the top of the staircase, we did not let the bamboo continue to follow the line morphemes. Architect Gaudi once said: "Straight belongs to humans, and the curve belongs to God."

According to Designboom and other sources, it is the offices for Elephant Parade, "a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues." That seems unlikely since they appear to be run out of the Netherlands and these are really big and jazzy offices. The architects' website says that they are offices for the Elephant Group, a big international marketing company, but I cannot find them on Google, so who knows; perhaps this is all about painted china elephants.

According to S.A. Rogers of Dornob,

The aim, according to Cui Shu, was to use the dramatic silhouette of the staircase to establish a sense of flowing rhythm. The staircase represents a shortcut: a means of rapid ascent and descent between states of mind and physical spaces. It connects orderly rows of workspaces to a relaxation room, where employees can let loose on green carpeting and oversized felted wool “stones.”

It certainly is big, bold and bamboo. Lots more images (the rest of the offices are interesting too) at Cun Design.

Stair of the week is bold and bamboo
Because if you make it beautiful and open, people will use it.

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