SpectraDécor Increases Recycled Hardware Line


Hiding way back (2004) in our archive vault is a tiny story about SpectraDécor's recycled glass handles and knobs. They’ve grown since then, adding new ideas to their line of luxury cabinetry hardware. Cork, eco-resins and lead-free pewter now being some of the materials ultilised. Later this month, at the upcoming 19th Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair, SpectraDécor’s founder and designer, Leilani Norman-Young, will officially launch the Fusion2 collection, which throws recycled aluminium from window frames and hub cabs to the mix. "Green-ness is now such an established factor in design that our expectations are very high. It's not enough for a product to be environmentally friendly. It has to be beautiful and innovative as well," says Leilani, echoing the theme song of TreeHugger. Seen above is an existing product, Pebble Beach. ::SpectraDécor, via Azobuild.