Sonu Tek Solar Powered LEDs Light Up Third World


I love going to events like the Cottage Life Show; I get to show off my mad photography skills and see all kinds of interesting new products and ideas.

One that impressed me was the Sonu Tek solar lighting systems. Not elegant to look at and the colour temperature is harsh, but the little package unit on the right has a solar panel on the top and two batteries with enough juice to run the LED array for three nights, all for $ 450.

The bar on the left comes with a small battery pack, solar panel and 52 high intensity LED bulbs. Charity Friends of Honduran Children just installed them in dormitories for 80 kids which previously had an expensive and unreliable diesel generator. They write:

...The lack of lighting results in the day basically ending at 6:00pm when the sun goes down. Any lanterns or other systems we have tried have been less than ideal for studying after dark.

We installed your solar system with three light bars in one of the dormitories and it was amazing to see the difference. The three bars were more than adequate to light up the whole dormitory and as a result add an extra five hours of productive study time to their days."

Well we hope that the kids get to do something beside study with those extra five hours of light, but it does show how LEDs and solar power have the real promise of changing people's lives and eliminating a few old diesel generators. More power to ::Sonu Tek at ::Cottage Life

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