Solar-Powered Wallpaper

Yet another bright idea from the innovative brainiacs at NYU. The Solar Powered Wallpaper
project is smart lighting powered by the sun. By embedding electroluminescent materials into the design pattern of the wall paper and incorporating a built-in light sensor, design students have created a wallcovering that can respond to the lighting requirement of a room, acting as a decorative element when a room is naturally bright, and as a flat wallpaper light when the room requires more light. With power supplied from a solar charged battery, it can also be manually controlled to increase or decrease luminosity. Sustainable, efficient, functional, technologically sexy, and very TreeHugger, the idea was inspired by the sustainable designs of Ross Lovegrove, Julian Lwin, and Droog Design (stay tuned for more on Droog later today). Check it out at NYU Tisch School for the Arts Winter Show, December 19-20 in New York City. ::NYU Winter Show [by MO]