Soil Table Flips Ferns Upside Down for Emphasis on Nature

soil table design photo

Images by Ori Mishkal via Designboom

A design student at Belzalel Design Academy in Jerusalem has come up with an unusual flip to the average houseplant on a table. Rather than above, Ori Mishkal has put the plants below the table's surface. The piece is made from a ready-made table, wire mesh, soil and, of course, the ferns, and all put together the design is intended to cause us pause and ask exactly what place we put nature in our lives. It might also have you questioning where you're supposed to place everything else...The ferns are easy enough to water, but setting down your drink on a clean surface is more of a challenge. Still, it does accomplish it's goal -- when we look at it, we have to ponder what priority we give nature on a daily basis. And when we sit, nature is right there in our laps demanding the attention it deserves.

soil table design photo

Designboom writes, "Unlike how we usually see plants, here, mishkal has hidden the ferns and instead made the soil the most visible component. Not exactly a table or a flowerpot, the 'soil table' is a bit of a disturbing object, where one is accompanied by the strange feeling of plants on the hips when sitting at the table."

Think we might find this one day at Sur la Table?

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