Smokey Robinson is Green Entrepreneur, Promoting GPS Guided Skylights

Smokey Robinson on the environment from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

The King of Motown is worried about what kind of planet his grandchildren are going to grow up in, and loved the idea of Ciralight sun-tracking skylights. They have a little solar panel that runs a GPS-guided mirror system that tracks the sun throughout the day, eliminating the need for artificial light in stores, schools and factories. The Beatles may have covered his song "You really got a hold on me" but the theme song for Smokey's skylight company really should be a cover of the Beatles' "I'll follow the sun" because that is what the Ciralight does.

smokey robinson Phoenix photo

Smokey is seriously into the green issues, and is proud of his hybrid. He says "I am hoping soon that they will build one that runs on air!" Although we suspect that might take a few Miracles. According to the press release, Smokey was so impressed with the Green benefits of the Smart Suntracking Skylights, he launched his own distribution company, Globalight Energy Solutions LLC.


It seems like a lot of technology to do a relatively simple thing, but the GPS drive ensures that even if you've got sunshine on a cloudy day, it will keep aiming at the right spot. The unit delivers the equivalent light of an 800 watts of conventional fluorescent lighting, at the daylight colour temperatures that make things in stores look good and help keep students and workers alert. Ciralight CEO Randall Letcavage explains:

Ciralight CEO Randall Letcavage from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

Previously covered in TreeHugger as the Suntracker. More information on Ciralight

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