Smartburn: Saw Particulate Emissions in Half

In the past, we've shamelessly plundered the treasure chest of the Australian ABC's New Inventors TV show to bring you some exciting new green product developments. The pace does not seem to be abating and it's pleasing to observe that eco inventions, more often that not, win the viewers choice awards. Let's begin rifling amongst those pieces-of-eight, with the 'Smartburn'. Stick this metal pipe inside your wood combustion heater and its combination of non-toxic natural ingredients will clean your chimney flue and firebox, to the point that it will "reduce smoke haze and particulate emissions by up to 50%" while allowing the fire to burn about 17% hotter. Apparently the secret contents inside the tube vapourise when heated, and allow soot and sap to burn inside the firebox, rather than head up the chimney. The unit lasts around 900 hours of burn time and plans are afoot to organise a recycling system for after that time. ::Smartburn. Via the New Inventors