Sleep Anywhere, Any Time, In the Hermit

hermit bedroom sleep image

Bedrooms just take up so much space, and they are not always convenient to today's round-the-clock work or study environment. Designer Kerry Jia Yi Lin takes a different approach than Forrest Jessee with her Hermit.

The designer describes the idea: "I was working in the lab and workshop in the University, when I felt tired, I wanted to transform into a hermit crab or snail and hide inside the shell to have a rest."

She designed it with RFID wrist bands that operate servo motors, so you just put your hands together and put your head down, and it closes around you. They also control other features:

And also LEDs installs on both sides of the shell as the indicator light/signal lamp to present the situation of the user. The Green light means that is fine to interrupt, but the Red light is similar to a caution light telling 'do not interrupt'. User can select these situations by using the glove


See the whole design process at JiaYi Lin's website. via Fashioning Technology

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