SkySide Studios Sol Cube Table-Light

cube table light.jpg
Not too long ago, we featured an LED-lit resin cube that we really liked. It got our thumbs up for energy efficiency, but we frowned, sadly, upon its makeup; the Lux-us is made from polyethylene (not the worst, but could be better). According to designers to whom we’ve spoken who've made similar pieces, it’s difficult to get eco-materials to work for these types of designs. But SkySide Studios has seemingly found a way. Their Sol cube is composed of durable 3-form EcoResin panels, which are made from 40% recycle content, with no compromise to its integrity, yet made from the same stuff as soda bottles. The cube is held together with aluminum fasteners and is available with either solar or electrical LED lighting. The battery takes 8 hours to charge, but provides approximately 40 hours of light once it’s good to go. The LED bulb is rated to last 11 years and will produce nearly 100,000 hours of light before it conks out. Available in a range of colors and patterns. $875 ::SkySide Studios [by MO]

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