Knock Off Your Own Homage to the Sun Jar


I loved the design of Tobias Wong's Sun Jar; such a simple idea. As I said previously, "There are a thousand dumb and ugly things that do this; what a difference the designer's touch makes." Being a strong proponent of the right of designers to make a living, I am loath to ever suggest people knock it off. Nonetheless, it is hard to find in North America and having tried to use one all summer, the workmanship of the electronics is less than impressive. So let's call it homage instead.

Apartment Therapy reminds us of a DIY version using an IKEA mason jar, although I am certain that old recycled mason jars can be found at garage sales. Cre8or at Instructibles dismantles an ugly, solar powered garden light and puts it in the mason jar and voila: a sun jar. That works properly. I think even I could do this one. ::Instructables