Six Uses For Old Dead Incandescent Bulbs

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For those TreeHugger readers who have not yet replaced all of your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (we know, it is just because you don't believe in wasting a working bulb, there is no other good reason unless you are from Minnesota, right?) we have a couple of suggestions for what to do when they finally blow. Instructables presents this clever conversion of a bulb into a cute little greenhouse. We present a couple of other ideas below the fold.
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Sergio Silva created the Oyule lamp. " As the incandescent light bulb gives way to new technology, Sergio has repurposed it as an elegant oil lamp -- the Oyule lamps use non-flammable paraffin oil and a wick replaces the filament. Machined parts are used to ensure strength and safety, without betraying the original look of the light bulb." ::66Degrees via ::BoingBoing

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Instructables readers were outraged and dumbfounded at the price of Sergio's lamps ($ 650 per pair) that they knocked it off. ::Instructables Twice. ::Instructables again

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TreeHugger has made a few suggestions before, such as Recycle Old Lightbulbs Into Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Collin introduced us to the horrible word ""creacycling": (that's creative recycling) to describe their products, Bulbs Unlimited has devised a fun, ironic, kinda funky, kinda kitschy way to get some more use out of your burned out incandescent bulbs. Their system employs a custom-built positioning device, called "the Inkubator," to help build pendant and table lamps, using burned-out bulbs as light diffusers and reflectors. Bulbs Unlimited: Finally, A Worthwhile Use for Incandescent Lightbulbs

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Artists/ designers Castor Canadensis turned old bulbs into art by filling milk crates with them, burying a CFL in the middle, and decorating Toronto's Gladstone Hotel with them. Try and get this much light, and this much art, out of one circuit with any other bulb. The Power of the Compact Fluorescent

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Of course Castor are pros at this, having started with dead fluorescents. There's Still Light After Death: Castor Canadensis's Recycled Tube Light

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