Six Stupid Tricks With Light Emitting Diodes

LED benchphoto

Back in the day when TreeHugger was young we used to show every new innovative and sometimes silly use of LEDs. They have become so common and omnipresent that we rarely do any more, but could not pass up this plastic bench that lets you "relax in your favorite atmosphere by letting the Light bench smoothly transition from one hue to the other"... "Almost an art object, the Light Bench creates the right presence in creative and communicative environments. Again thanks to its LED lighting technology it only requires about 95 watts of electric power which keeps operating costs down and protects the environment."

Protects the environment? By sucking 95 watts to light a plastic bench? I don't think so. ::Frellstedt via ::Trendir

Just the latest in a long line of Stupid LED tricks:

led-cufflinks photo

Treehugger loves LED's and doesn't mind dressing up occasionally, so what better fit than a pair of LED cuff links for our closet full of french cuff shirts. For your night on the town: LED cufflinks Read the comments, including my favorites:

"A real treehugger would be out hugging trees, not wasting energy doing anything resembling computing. A real treehugger would only be caught dead in any outfit requiring cufflinks anyway, dead because they died wearing the outfit to infiltrate and sabotage a heartless corporation."

LED hat photo

For those who loved our LED cufflinks we present the perfect accompaniment: the LED baseball cap. This is a great money, space and environment saver- you no longer need a hat for each team you support, but can program it for whatever event you go to. More for your night on the town: LED hats

LED slippers photo

For those of you that thought this writer should be thrown out of Treehugger for our post on LED cufflinks, we contritely and apologetically offer Brightfeet LED lighted slippers. These have true environmental benefits, as you can save lots of energy by never turning on your lights; Put a Petzl on our head and these on our feet and we might just go off the grid. Brightfeet LED lighted slippers


What is cool (or hot) about this one is that not only does the colour of the water change with the temperature (useful to prevent burning and very cute) but it generates the power to run the LED's somehow by the flow of the water. We are not certain if there is a little propeller generating electricity or if it is some kind of caterpillar drive. Yet Another Gratuitous LED Post


And of course the one too hot for TH to touch, the scrolling message bra.

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