Sillice: Recycled Glassware and Art

Sol Mesz, the artist behind Sillice, has some pretty interesting and unique ideas when it comes to producing glassware and art. The materials and the process combine to yield a fascinating end result that she hopes will inspire the viewer to interact and connect with the piece. Because she mixes her own colors, she only works with transparent glass, which can be found in common things like old wine and beer bottles. Occasionally, she's even used an odd broken car windshield or two. The process differs from project to project; pieces are fused, slumped or cast depending on the necessary structural and visual components. The piece pictured has been layered together, similar to the print process, so each layer contains one part of the design. Her repertoire includes more functional pieces, like plates and sushi sets, and more eclectic art. Each piece is hand-made in Mesz's studio in southern California. ::Sillice