Show Time At Eco Candle: Eau de TreeHugger


We've had dozens of posts on soy wax products: from deck water proofing to candles. Maybe you've noticed how often craft shows feature soy candles: more evidence that soy wax products are "mainstreaming." A critical component has, until now, been missing: the appropriate naming of a scent. According to this story in The Oshkosh Daily Northwestern. the Eco Candle company, of Oshkosh WI USA, has gone and done it. "A touch of patchouli and cedarwood becomes "Treehugger." Leather and espresso become "Yuppie." "Homesick" smells like mom's kitchen. And by Christmas, Nystrom expects to pass the candle craze on to guys with "Mandles," short form for man candles, which smell like football leather and fresh cut grass or a double dose of pungent cologne in the case of "Italian Stallion." " Ahh...the smell of TreeHugger in the morning.Three decades ago, this writer's home in Oshkosh was just blocks from a large factory that supplied famous brand candles. When the evening's batch was cinammon, and the factory windows left open, a pungent wave of candle stink permeated the entire neighborhood. To this day, that odor initiates the 'fear and flight' response. Let's hope that soy candles, too, not succumb to the mall vendors' tactic of over-fragrance as consumer bait. And, long live small stores like Eco Candle on Main Street (shown below)!

Okskosh's Main Street, like others across the country, once had electric street cars running the center line. By the late 1950's, such streetcars were almost universally closed to make room for legions of autos. When car traffic subsequently left city centers for highways and distant suburbs, mainstreets were once again opened for bicycles, and storefronts became the habitat of green entrepreneurs. We are wondering whether, in a few more decades, the often empty 2nd and 3rd floor apartments, like those shown below, would come alive again with new tenants, should the street sounds be those of electric street cars, bicycles, electric cars, and the shouts of children. Post card dreaming again.


Eco Candle store front on Main: