Shirt Sleeves Make Snazzy Lamp Shades (DIY)


Fabrikblumentopf Lampshade; a DIY shirt sleeve lamp. Image via Jay Cousins.

Well here is a decorative way to upcycle a worn sweater: From Open Design City, is an open source shirt sleeve lamp made with starch plastic and recycled textiles. Whether you're in the mood to DIY or to purchase a one-off light shade, conveniently available online at Jay Cousins Shop on Etsy, we have the details (and more photos, too) after the jump:

shirt lamp shade diy photo

shirt lamp shade diy photo

shirt lamp shade diy photo

shirt lamp shade diy photo

All images via Jay Cousins Shop on Etsy.

Prices range from $40 to $50, and proceeds support the Open Design City's Open Materials Lab, which supports their activities and research.

DIY: How to Make an Old Shirt in to a New Lamp

Now, on to the fun stuff: The lamps are made with a discarded sweater sleeve, mixed with starch plastic, and stretched over a bin; They are secured to a cable with a clothes pin. Follow the DIY instructions, below, courtesy of Open Design City's Open Materials Lab.

  1. Mix Starch Plastic in a saucepan - Recipe: 14 parts water, 3 parts starch (corn, potato, rice etc.), 2 parts vinegar.
  2. Heat until it forms a consistent goo
  3. Allow to cool
  4. Cut off sleeve of jumper
  5. Mash Starch Plastic into fabric until fabric saturated with material
  6. Apply oil to mold (note mold must be glazed, if not then cover with plastic, metal molds will stick even with oil).
  7. Stretch sleeve over mold
  8. Allow to dry (1-4 days depending on fabric and climate)
  9. Cut to shape and remove from mold
  10. Product is for use with a 15 Watt energy saving bulb

More: Open Design City Open Materials Lab

Will you try this at home? Tell us in the comments section, below.

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