Shelf System Built From Boxes Makes Moving Easy

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When I wrote about Daniel Gaffner's System 1530 last fall I was intrigued by the design, noting that "when looked at in the framework of a more mobile flexible lifestyle, they become more interesting; the bookshelves can actually become a durable box in which you can move the contents."

In fact, that exact idea has been done, by Spanish designers Antxon Salvador and Roger Zanni, with their Brickbox system. The entire bookcase breaks down into a system of boxes that can then be used when it is time to move.

brickbox shelving storage photo

Of course, it all starts as a neat little flatpack;

brickbox shelving storage photo

But it assembles into a strong box that can be stacked. It comes in two sizes so that one can built a sort of running bond brick pattern out of the boxes. The 1/2" baltic birch construction gives a nice look to the edge, while the laminate finish makes it durable.

brickbox shelving storage photo

The commenters at swissmiss are complaining about the price of 40 euros per big box, demanding that they be "IKEA cheap" and converting everything into US dollars, even though the dollar is a shadow of its former self and everything in Europe looks expensive here now, and that there is a real price to IKEA cheap. I suppose they will be happy when it comes out in particle board with foil finish. Or PVC, that would be even better! Time to upadate my post On Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing .

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