Set for "Girls" TV show has some great ideas for small space living

apartment wall
© Laura Ballenger Design

Graham Hill went to so much trouble building his LifeEdited apartment, having an international design competition, building all that stuff with all those moving walls and fancy transformer Resource furniture, when really all he had to do was turn on the TV and watch Girls on HBO.

Laura Ballinger, all the while sitting in Santa Monica, designed the sets, including this terrific tiny apartment shown on Core 77. Rain Noe of Core77, who lives in New York, says she got it right.

While it is in fact a set, it's pretty stunning how simultaneously realistic and tasteful it looks. On top of that, the design solutions to small-space storage and living, from the bed-topping loft-lounge with storage stairs to the "Mondrian-inspired birch plywood" storage wall to the bedsprings-cum-pot-rack, would be a welcome addition to many an NYC studio.

Actually, it really is clever. Usually the bed is on top of the loft but this makes sense, you are not tripping down the storage stairs in the middle of the night. Of course, the character occupying the 200 square foot apartment "had a low-level job in an architecture office at one point and has worked as a carpenter."

Lots more photos on Core77 and at Laura Ballinger Design

Set for "Girls" TV show has some great ideas for small space living
Set Designer Laura Ballinger nails the New York loft.

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