Seen in New York: Radiator Rethought


Not only is the design of this Radiator a dramatic departure from conventional design but, with more exposed surface area for heat to dispate from it is also inherently eco-friendly and an improvement on current versions. Modern. Playful. Clever. It could only be Droog. Here are some of the questions the viewer is prompted to ponder are while viewing Joris Laarman's "Radiator": Why do you think the artist choose this form for the radiatior? Do you find it beautiful? Why does it take so much space? What is a radiator? Where does your heat come from? I wonder, did form follow function here or was it the other way around?

Part of the exhibit Simply Droog 10 + 3 Years of Creating Innovation and Discussion, "Radiator" can be seen now until January 14, at the Museum of Art and Design in New York (MAD across from MOMA).Over 150 of the Droog objects are on display as well as an interesting retrospective downstairs. The use of recycled or low grade industrial materials is a common thread throughout the exhibit. Thought by many to be sustainable designers, the group themselves claim that environmental impacts are but one set of the many considerations in the overall design process.

In their own words, "Droog is not a style. It is a brand and a mentality, a curatorial collection of exclusive products, a congenial pool of designers, a distributed statement about design as cultural commentary, a medium, working with cutting edge designers and enlightened clients."

Droog first appeared on the scene in 1993 with an exhibit at the Milan International Furniture Fair. The word Droog, means "dry" in Dutch and refers to a certain brand of dry wit that is a guidepost for the design aesthetic. Founded by Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramakers the collective is now composed of a cadre of international contemporary designers.

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