Sculptural, Functional Furniture


This beautiful and functional chair is made by a Cornwall-based group of design school graduates who were determined to keep on working together. They transform wood into sculptural objects by using a unique steam technique that bends it into 3D shapes. Steam bending has been around for a long time, however the designers have adapted the machines and the process so that they could twist the wood into more complex and creative shapes using their own ideas. They use locally sourced, unseasoned (green) timber. Because they want to be ethically and environmentally responsible, the wood is from renewable sources and there are no resins or sealants used. All of the work is done in their studio so that they have complete quality control over the furniture and other products. They also make curly lampshades and chandeliers which look luminous when the light comes through the natural grain. A tree seat was made by bending the wood around the limbs of the tree. Watch out for them, they have already won the Laurent-Perrier Design Award and are showing in The London Design Festival. :: Sixixis via :: Vogue Magazine