Schamburg and Alvisse's 'Eco-evolution' Furniture

Over a decade ago, interior designer Marc Schamburg and architect Michael Alvisse established their studio and went on to develop some cool and green designs. S+A, as they like to be known, work primarily with the commerical sector and those residential customers who appreciate 'designer' furniture. Some of their work shows strong eco-ethics and their web site even has information devoted primarily to the topic. It's here that you learn about their fondness for recycled materials, particularly Recopol (which we'll bring you more on, in a later post), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timbers and use of stainless steel (over the more problematic chrome plating). They even ship goods wrapped in reusable blankets to reduce packaging. Their grandly titled "025 Conference chair" is one of the pieces that is fashioned from Recopol, which uses 50% less greenhouse emissions and 80% less energy compared to virgin resins. The Miss Molly sled chair has a seat made from FSC approved walnut veneer and those aforementioned steel legs, thus "minimising release of toxic acids and heavy metals" inherent in chrome production. S+A also list a bunch of eco links and books they hope other designers will take green inspiration from. Made in Australia.::Schamburg and Alvisse

The Miss Molly chair