Savvy Cardboard Clothes Hangers Reduce Plastic Waste

hang savvy eco friendly hangers photo
A custom-designed HangSavvy cardboard hanger. Photo: HangSavvy

Considering that only 15% of the 8 billion polystyrene or polycarbonate clothes hangers manufactured per year are recycled, the much-depended on closet accessory has a major environmental footprint. Enter HangSavvy, they're customizable, 100% recyclable cardboard hangers offer an eco-friendly alternative to the old wire hanger--3.5 billion, of which, are dumped into U.S. landfills every year. hang savvy eco friendly hangers photo
Photo: HangSavvy

HangSavvy's hangers are made with recycled paper waste, have the same lifespan as regular clothes hangers, and they can hold weights of up to 22 pounds. Find them at Yanko Design Shop; a premium pack of 10 hangers is available for $39.99.

hang savvy eco friendly hangers photo
Photo: HangSavvy

If you're a business looking for customized hangers (the hangers can be printed on both faces and embossed), HangSavvy can manufacture in quantities surpassing 1 million units. Visit HangSavvy for additional information.

What type of clothes hangers do you have in your closet? What price would you pay for eco-friendly hangers? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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