Savoy Collection from Eco-Furniture


When it comes to things like sofas, we've gone 'round and 'round about the relative merits and costs of TreeHugger-friendly sofas, couches and divans, and, admittedly, finding one for less than a couple grand isn't particularly easy. That's why we were happy to find the Savoy Collection, which includes a matching loveseat, armchair and ottoman in addition to the sofa, from Starting at $995, it's a nice middle-of-the-road option; all the wood comes from sustainably-harvested wood, and we really like the clean lines and modern, sophisticated look. Perhaps as important as the companies' materials is this part of their Enlightened Planet Statement: "We will never further our goals of making these products widely used in the mainstream by offering products which are not aesthetically appealing or well priced." Nobody's perfect, but we sure think they're on the right track. ::Savoy Collection from via ::Grassroots Modern