Sandor Pratt's Stria Chair & Table: Bamboo is Back!


After a bit of a hiatus, we're glad to find another good example of one of TreeHugger's favorite materials. Made from solid bamboo, we're liking the looks of Sandor Pratt's Stria Chair and Table. The chairs are made with CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology, making the chairs very resource-efficient and solid. Unveiled at ICFF this year, the designs made a splash and showcased Sandor's ability to effectively fuse hand-craft and technology. He previously served as Environment/Experience Designer for the world-traveling, all-media exhibit ACTION: Art Center with the United Nations, a collaborative initiative exploring social and humanitarian applications of design and responsible business practices, and is now working on a long term collaborative initiative to bring a sustainable economic future to residents in New Orleans through sustainable furniture design. ::Sandor Pratt via ::Apartment Therapy